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My regular contributions on HubSpot's blog include a range of posts on marketing strategy, content, management and careers. Traffic on these posts have ranged from 15 to 60 thousand views, depending on the topic. Scan all posts.


SciencexArt is a blog about people at the intersection of science and art. It profiles their lives, influences and work patterns. A collaboration with Maggie Georgieva, SciencexArt publishes bimonthly interviews at and @sciencexart.


Why You Won't Recognize SEO in 5 Years

"Changes in behavior always precede changes in strategy. The point in drawing attention to these new search patterns is not to raise alarms; it’s to raise eyebrows. While the future is uncertain, one thing is clear: the world of search is not ending, it’s expanding. And expanding worlds call out for exploration."

Teaching a Product To Talk

A product will always present you with concrete qualities. It has four walls. It triggers alerts when a set of criteria are reached. It’s faster or more effective than its competitors. The challenge is in shifting your definitions from what the product does to what it means — what it makes possible for the world around it. Read more.



Decentralized Content: Why Writing is Moving Away from the Website

Something is changing in the world of content marketing. It used to be that the goal of content was to bring people to your website, which meant that all content needed to be consumed on your website. The website-based blog was the alpha and omega of content strategy. In recent years, however, content has started to become more decentralized. Read more.